Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Coupon System

Up until recently, I never used coupons. I've tried but it always seemed so confusing to try to match up my coupons to the sales fliers from the different grocery stores. In our previous dwelling we only had one grocery store within a 20 mile stretch so it wasn't easy to get to all the grocery stores each week to get the best deals.
We have recently moved to a larger area and in preparation for this I decided to make a coupon organizing using ideas I found around the web and then I tailored it to suit my family and our needs. I have also been trying hard to use what we have instead of going out and purchasing a pre-made coupon box, folder, etc... Once I know exactly what I need for my system I will feel better about making the purchase of a plastic container, but until then, a small cardboard box will do me just fine.

So, here was my couponing project.
I made this coupon center out of envelopes and address labels.

I have these left over envelopes from Sam's baby announcements.
They are about 5 inches high by 6 1/2 inches wide.

I cut the flaps off leaving just a little tab on top.

Then I printed out labels for each envelope and stuck them to the tabs.
I made the categories pretty specific and there are 27 of them.

I keep the envelopes in this box, which seems a little big right now.
As I have been collecting coupons it has started to look a little less empty.

I have been organizing the coupons I print off from various sites on the computer and receive in the Sunday paper, along with adding a small notebook to keep track of deals so my head doesn't explode from trying to remember to use which coupon where.

Keep tuned in...
I will list a couple of my favorite coupon hot-spots soon.