Monday, August 18, 2008

Benevolence Shelf

Since I have been getting a number of very cheap and free items in the last month I been thinking about how my family can give back. Starting this blog was a beginning but I really wanted to do something more so I decided to start building a benevolence shelf in my storeage closet.

The word benevolence means:

  1. An act of kindness
  2. A generous gift
  3. a disposition to do good

So, here is my benevolence shelf list. It will grow each week as my goal is to add at least one non-parishable item to it each week, more if possible. I will donate these items as they are needed by friends and others in my community.
***Remember, these sales could be from a while ago. I add things here as I get them so don't expect to read this and run right out and buy what you see for the price you see it at. Look at my current deals here at Frugal Heart to know what items are on this weeks deal list.

  • Walgreen's has Stoneware bowls on sale for $.39 each. I plan to load up with them on my trip this week to create the beginning of my benevolence shelf.
  • 2 Johnson's Buddies children's soaps. I got these for free from CVS using the $1 off 1 and $2 off 2 coupons I printed from the internet last week while CVS had these on sale for $.99 each.
  • From CVS - Playtex Sport 16ct are $4.99 each with a $3 ECB. Use the $1 off printable here to make these $.99.
  • From CVS - A Diabetes Glucose Monitor I got for free.

Leave a comment to let me know what great benevolence finds you've come across to create your own benevolence shelf. I would love to hear what you have been up to!


KaseyQ said...

What a great idea! My current storage shelf is overflowing, and I would love to pass some of it along. I have already made 2 gift kits for family and friends- one was a College Survival Kit for a grad, and the other was a New Mom Survival kit for a friend's baby shower. I also try to clear out items by bringing things to people who give me their coupon sections from their newspapers- that way they benefit too!

What kinds of opportunities do you foresee for giving items off your benevolence shelf? Do you often come across people in need, or are you planning on donating to a particular charity?

Cubby's Gal said...

Hi Kaseyq-
I haven't run across anybody who needs anything yet, though my benevolence shelf is still very new. We live in a disaster prone area - right outside of Pensacola, FL where hurricanes and bad storms batter the coast more than we'd like.
I know my local church would be a great help in finding people who are in need in these situations. Also, if I ever ran across somebody who was in need I would be totally willing to give to them from our benevolence shelf. I have found in the past that when you have something to give eventually somebody shows up who is in need.
Thanks for the comment!