Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Don't Forget 'All You'

I just wanted to remind all of you that if you haven't picked up your All You magazine(s) from Walmart yet you better get them. The August 29th issue has some terrific Kraft coupons in them like...
  • buy 3 Kraft products get Oscar Meyer hot dogs free
  • buy 3 Kraft products get Kraft Salad Dressing free
  • buy 3 Kraft products get Crystal Light free
  • buy 3 Kraft products get Wheat Thins free
  • buy 3 Kraft products get Kraft cheese singles free

Cheap or free Kraft products to make these coupons work for you.

  • Kool Aid - you don't have to drink it. There are great ideas for using Kool Aid here and here.
  • Go here to get $2 off South Beach Tide Me Over drink mix which is on sale at Walmart this week for $2 making them free. Yes, this is a Kraft item.
  • Get the South Beach Pizza coupon for $2 off here. Walmart has these on sale for between $2 and $2.75 depending on location. You can print off two of each of these I believe.

There are also tons of other great coupons in this magazine! I have already picked up 6 of them and wouldn't mind getting more. They pay for themselves multiple times over.

The only place to get these is Walmart and they are occasionally hard to find. My Walmart moves our frequently and I have found them in the magazine section, on and end cap, and at the front register. You just have to look. They say $1.97 on them but they ring up as $1.77 at my Walmart.

***Warning*** There is a lady on the back cover in only a bra and undies. I don't recommend keeping these magazines laying around - we rip the coupon pages out and toss them in the trash. That's just me though.