Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Family Fun Magazine $10 a year!

If you missed the recent freebie subscription to Family Fun magazine you may want to purchase it anyway. I started receiving mine a few years ago for more than $20 a year but if you go here you can get 10 issues for only $10. This magazine is worth so much more than that, too!

We have found unique ideas in this magazine along with recipes, games, projects, and more! It is the perfect magazine for homeschoolers because of the great amount of hands on learning ideas inside.
I applaud this magazine for being completely family friendly - so far at least. Although I may skip some of the projects in the Halloween edition I haven't noticed anything inappropriate for my children in all the years I have subscribed to this publication.
It may cost $10 up front but the rewards inside make it feel like you are getting a steal of a deal!