Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Regional Coupon Swap

It has been slightly irritating to me that I don't get many of the same coupons that those in other regions get in their Sunday papers. So, I have this idea.
If anybody is interested in doing a regional coupon swap let me know. I think that this could possibly be beneficial and would like to give it a try and see if it will bring in enough variety to make it worth it.

I am in Florida so if you are in New England, the North West, the mid US, or the South West and you would be willing to purchase an extra Sunday newspaper and faithfully send out its coupon pages each Monday I would be really interested in teaming up with you!

I know that shipping could be pricey, however, if we each clip the coupons for the other person (which we would have to do ourselves anyway) we could probably get shipping down to the cost of a stamp or two.

Email me if you think this sound potentially positive for you. If this works I will be more than happy to grow this swap by putting out a database of sorts for those of you who desire other region's Sunday coupons or just put you in contact with each other or something like that.