Friday, August 15, 2008

Walgreens and CVS - More lessons learned

Just a heads up:
Our local Walgreen's has decided not to honor more than one printed coupon per order. What I mean is if you were going to buy 4 bottles of Pert Plus and you had 4 printed coupons they will only accept one of those coupons.
The cashier was very sweet but told me that it was a new thing that just came out this morning.

I doubt that all Walgreen's are doing this but I wanted to give a heads up just in case. Plus, after all that we got back home and realized that in the craziness none of my other coupons scanned either. I didn't notice right away because we had a few other needs at full price in the cart. Now I am out all my coupons (13 of them) and I didn't get any credit for them. My Walgreen's is about 10 miles away so the last thing I want to do is head back over there.


And, at CVS...
My CVS is no longer allowing overages. I bought 3 Johnson's Buddies at $.99 a piece and had $3 in coupons for them giving me a $.03 overage. My cashier was sweet and scaled down one of the coupons to $.97 for me instead of not letting me use it but I thought this was a bit odd. When they send the coupon on in I know they will get the full $1 back from the manufacturer. A bit sneaky on their part but it really isn't that big a deal for me. I have gotten so much free stuff from CVS - I am not going to complain, just wanted to offer the warning.