Thursday, August 28, 2008

Walgreens Overlappers 8/29/08 and 8/30/08 ONLY

Don't be fooled by the August Easy Saver Rebate catalog from Walgreens expiration date error. All the coupons in this little booklet are good through August 30, 2008. Not only that but the new September Easy Saver catalogs come out on August 29th. There are a couple of items overlapping this month to create a nice money maker!
  • Chemistry Hair Care is $7.99 with a $7.99 rebate for September. Use the $3 coupon found on page 12 of the August Easy Saver catalog to make $3 on this deal! Only good on the 29th and 30th.
  • There is a Garnier haircare deal, spend $20 get $10 rebate for September. There is a $1 coupon on page 12 of the August Easy Saver catalog (use one for each product you buy) along with numerous Sunday paper coupons. You won't get these for free but you can get them for about $1 a bottle after rebate if you have enough coupons.

I really hope I can get out to Walgreens tomorrow or Saturday!

Also, keep in mind that when you use coupons you can still claim the full price for rebate!


MamaOnABudget said...

There's one other great money maker that I wish I had known about earlier this week. It isn't really an overlapper in that the coupon isn't in the books, though.

I had coupons from a couple Sunday papers for 1) BOGO Glade Plug-in Scented Oil Warmer and 2) $4/1 of the same. Walgreens has them this week for BOGO. Buy them Friday or Saturday, and you can use them for a (I believe) $4 rebate next month.

I didn't know that until I got home with them, but we now have 4 warmers (that are our give-away for things like a house warming) for $.79!