Saturday, September 13, 2008

Register Rewards - Making Walgreens Work For You

Today I am going to write about Walgreens Register Rewards. I have been slightly confused about them but after talking to the cashier and a manager yesterday everything is starting to make sense.

First, what is a Register Reward or RR? A Register Reward is printed off after a certain item or combination of items are purchased from Walgreens. These deals change week to week and can be spotted in the Walgreens circulars. The RRs that are printed off can be used like cash at any Walgreens as long as you pay attention to the expiration dates on the RRs and follow a few easy rules.

Let me give you a few examples of some of the rules I have learned in the last month.

You have to owe more than the amount your RR is worth - this total cannot include medicines and pharmacy items. (in most stores)
Yesterday I went to Walgreens and picked up 6 boxes of South Beach Living Cereal Bars, 4 bottles of Robitussin, and 2 toothbrushes. My total after coupons was just over $7 and I planned to get a $10 register reward and send in for a $5 rebate for buying the SB cereal bars. I tried to pay with a $4.50 register reward from my Crest ProHealth purchase on my Wednesday trip but it just wouldn't scan. The manager came over to see if she could help but between all of us we figured it out.
The medicine. Apparently you can't use register rewards to pay for medicines. They are in some special category.
Without the medicine in my order my total was less than $4.50 so I could not use my register reward to pay for it.

You cannot buy two of the same product offering RRs and expect two RRs to print off.
I purchased 2 Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash for $4.50 on Wednesday because there was a $4.50 Register Reward (RR) on them. This was an unlimited deal this past week. I purchased them in 2 separate orders. You see, putting them in one order would only grant me one $4.50 Register Reward. Purchasing them separately got me two $4.50 RRs.

You can't use a RR from one product purchase to purchase an identical product and get another RR.
When I purchased the Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash I received my $4.50 RR. I could have used it on the next order to pay for the second Crest Pro-Health however, I would not have gotten my second RR. You cannot roll RRs over on identical products and get another register reward. You can use a register reward from an unrelated deal like a $3 reward from a different product, just not one from an identical deal to what you are doing.

I always try to plan my trips around the RRs I have to use. If I know I need to have $10 in my purchase to use a $10 RR I will add in a free after rebate item. If my RR reward is about to expire and I can't pull a deal together to equal more than the amount of my RR I will add in a must have item so I don't loose that 'cash'.

Walgreens is considerably less complicated than CVS. Just pay attention and plan out your Walgreens attack in advance of your trip and you will find it easy to come away with free or extremely cheap goodies (after RRs and Rebates, of course ~:O)


vivacious-vixen said...

I went into a Walgreens today near my work, I was going to purchase 3 Robitussin $5/each, use 3 MF coupons equivalent to $1.50 off and my $10 Register Rewards from a previous purchase, netting payment of $3.50.

In addition, the deal was get $10 RR rewards back with the purchase of the 3 Robitussin. When I handed the RR from my previous purchase to the cashier she told me she knew for sure, that it wouldnt work on getting the additional $10 RR back if I paid with RR.

Well i didnt want to loose the RR, so I ended up paying $13.50 and got back an additional $10 RR for the purchase, but its not what I had planned to do, so i am a bit frustrated. I am new to the game, so tips would be great.

Cubby's Gal said...

It's a mistake I made too when I was just starting out. That's why I did this register rewards tips post (which I mistakenly named rebate rewards) - so others could learn from my mistakes - ~:O).
Your lucky your cashier caught it. Mine never catch anything like that and when I ask why my rewards didn't print they kind of make some reason up off the top of their head.
Anyway, You have two $10 rewards to use now! Just make sure they don't expire - I had $19 in RRs getting ready to expire today and almost missed using them - that would have made me so angry with myself.