Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Must Have Coupons - Links, Magazines, Booklets, etc...

Here is a list of great coupon publications out right now. Some are printable, some you have to sign up for, and some you have to go find at a store. This is a list of printables and publications that I have found quite useful and worth the effort to have.
  • The Proctor & Gamble home mailer has $27 worth of coupons inside. Sign up here.
  • The CVS Beauty Magazine can be purchased from your local CVS for $.99. I purchased two and my daughter purchased one yesterday. They have already paid for themselves plus some in coupons. This is not a regular publication although it appears that they do put one out every few months. Right now, the magazine out is called Reinventing Beauty and has America Ferrera on the cover. Ask your CVS manager if they aren't easy to find. Be aware, there are usually some inappropriate ads inside. You may want to get your coupons out and toss the magazine right away.
  • Walmart's All You magazine is usually filled with great coupons. I buy mine at Walmart for $1.79. Some Walmart's have theirs at around $2. One month I bought 7 of them because the coupons were so good. You can find these at Walmart either up by the checkouts or in the magazine section. The employees usually have no idea what you are talking about so if you can't find them you may not have any luck getting some. You can get a subscription to them here but if you are patient you may come across a cheaper subscription during a school fundraiser. These magazines usually have some great articles but, like the CVS Beauty Magazines, they usually have some inappropriate stuff in them. I usually rip out my coupons right away and toss the magazine in the trash.
  • Coupons.com is puts out a great many printables and updates them frequently. You will want to make sure to check back frequently to see what is available. You can print each of these coupons twice.
  • Each month Walgreens puts out an Easy Saver Catalog. Most of you probably know to pick up a few of these when you shop at Walgreens. These books are filled with Walgreens specific coupons and rebates that are so easy to participate in. This is a free booklet.
  • CVS Extra Care Buck Booklets can be picked up for free at your local CVS. They don't have coupons in them but they do have a list of the many ECB deals that are good all month long.
  • Also, remember to get your local Sunday papers each week. We pick ours up at Walmart because, for some reason Walmart always has them available for under $1. I buy myself two and pick up one for my 13 year old who is learning how to coupon and deal shop, too.
  • Go here to find a ton of great coupons from SC Johnson.
  • Nestle has some really awesome coupons out, too. Go here to get these printables.

Know of a good publication that I missed? Leave a comment and let my readers know!


King Family said...

Thanks for all of your great money saving ideas!