Thursday, October 2, 2008

Uses for Kool-Aid - #5

The Flavor Enhancer
Kool-Aid on its own isn't all that yummy but use it at as a flavor in many deserts, snacks, and drinks and you can enjoy a unique treat! Plus, it is extremely cheap which is a huge plus in my book!
Although it isn't all that great for you, it really doesn't take much of this powdered drink to add some flavor. I open a packet and just use a little sprinkle (or more if I am flavoring a large amount of desert), then I roll up the package and put it away for later use. You can even fill up a spice jar with your favorite flavor to make it easily accessable.
Here are some things I like to flavor with Kool-Aid.
  • vanilla yogurt (I don't like bits of fruit in my yogurt and Kool-Aid helps keep the creamy texture while creating a different flavor)
  • ice cream (homemade or store bought - but not chocolate)
  • Sprite or 7-up - even Coke and Pepsi taste great with some flavors
  • whipped topping
  • icing for cakes (I don't recommend you flavor chocolate icing though)
  • plain white or yellow cake mixes (changes the color and the flavor)
  • diet drinks or flavored waters that need more umph
  • Pedialyte or similar rehydrate drinks for children
  • vanilla milk (milk & vanilla coffee creamer to taste - you don't need much creamer - is one of my kids favorite treats)

Pretty much anything already sweetened can be flavor enhanced with Kool-Aid. Get creative, use your imagination and have fun with it! Even better, get your kids involved and see what their childlike imaginations can come up with.


Mommy Reg said...

I never thought of using it to flavor frosting. What a great idea.