Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Kelloggs is really outdoing themselves.
Go here to get a bunch of $1 off any one Kelloggs cereal coupons. You'll want to scroll through all the pages to make sure you don't miss any because they are spread out. There are 5 and you can print each one twice!

Thanks Kelloggs!!!!! My kids sure do love your cereals!

EDIT - these coupons appeared to have been taken down as soon as they went up. Hopefully it is just a glitch and they will be re-posted soon.


MamaOnABudget said...

Must have been a limited time thing - there weren't any kellogg's coupons (well, K20 protein water) when I just checked.

Bummer. I used 4 of mine yesterday, too =)

Cubby's Gal said...

That is so weird because they were just put out today. I wonder why they took them down so fast. I didn't print all of mine out thinking that I had a little more time.
Bummer is right! Maybe it is a glitch and they will be put back up soon - we can always hope.

I still have a total of 23 $1 off 1 Kellogg's coupons that I am very thankful for though - guess I shouldn't be complaining!