Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cheap Decorating with Childlike Inspiration (part 1)

As I said yesterday in this post, I have started decorating the home we moved into over the summer. Spending money on decorations isn't something I am all that willing to do so I came up with a few ideas that cost me little to nothing using the little gifts my kids bring me.

The first one was decorating the dining room table for Christmas. I bought two light gold table clothes a few years ago for very cheap but didn't like them for the everyday look so I only use them at Christmas. I took some vases off the shelf, added some ribbon from the sewing cupboard and picked up a big container of tiny plastic Christmas ornament balls from the Dollar Tree. I also incorporated some beautiful crystal candle sticks my step father gave me many years ago.
Then came the fun part - adding the branches and pine cones my kids brought inside and left as gifts on my computer chair and keyboard. I am thinking of getting some gold spray paint for the pine cones but it really looks cute as it is.
It cost me about $3 because I had to pick up new candles, the old ones broke in the move, and my kids are all about having their precious specimens displayed on our dining room table.

More to come! I have a plethora of projects planned for this week using my kids artwork and such.