Monday, November 3, 2008

New Printables - some great ones!

The new printable coupons out here have some nice offers. Most of these are new - just put out in the last few days. I used the Bagel-Fuls $1 off 1 coupons at the Commissary and got my boxes for just $0.60 a piece. They have become my very favorite snack.

Other printables and their values available here are:

Balmex - $1
Neutrogena Hair - $2
Wise Snacks - $.50
Green Giant Steamers (my husband giggles) - $1
Pepsi One - $1
Welch's Sugar Free Jelly - $.75
Betty Crocker Brownie Mix - $.40
A few General Mills cereal coupons - $.55
Pert Plus - $1
Sparkling Ice (Talking Rain) buy 1 get 1 free

Yoplait, Pillsbury, Bisquick, Lever 2000, Chex Mix Snacks and Bars, Hamburger Helper, Totinos, Sudafed, Tylenol, Progresso, and more!

Go here to print these new coupons out.