Monday, November 3, 2008

Walmart This Week - 11/2/08 till 11/8/08

Many of the November 2, 2008 deals below are the same every month. Remember though, Walmart prices vary slightly from city to city. Check out your store's prices before just tossing the items in the basket. My daughter and I have also found that scanning them at the little price check stations is a sure way to find out if they will scan less than the shelf price. Sometimes deals aren't marked down like they are supposed to be but they still scan at the discounted price.
  • Vlasic Relish - $1
    $1 off 1 here
  • Preparation H travel wipes are $2.98
    $3 off 1 coupon here
    $.02 overage
  • HP Multipurpose Paper 500 ct ream - $4.88
    $3 off 1 coupon here
    $1.88 per ream
  • Honey Just Bunches - $2.11
    $2 off 1 here
    $.11 a box
  • Bagel-Fuls are $1.50 to $2
    $1 off 1 here
    $1 or less depending on your local price
  • Welch’s Squeeze Grape Jam is around $1.50
    $.75 off 1 here (sugar free variety)
    $.75 per bottle
  • Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers - $1.27
    $1 off 1 here
    $.27 per bag
  • Fantastic Cleaner is $2
    $1.50 off 1 here
    $.50 a bottle

I won't be buying all of this stuff - much of it is a better deal for me at the Commissary. The freebies, the paper, and the Steamers are some of my favorite Walmart regulars so I will be making a stop there this week to add to my stock up cabinet and freezer.


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