Sunday, December 21, 2008

My CVS deals this morning - 12/21/08

My CVS morning -
I Started out with $17.98 in Extra Care Bucks
Spent $4.82 Out Of Pocket
Walked out with $28.05 in Extra Care Bucks and all this:

3 Listerines
2 L'Oreal Metalic Eye Shadows
2 Sally Hansen Nail Polishes
1 4-pack AdvantEdge shakes
1 AdvantEdge energy bar
1 bag Halls Naturals
1 20ct bottle of Excedrine Express Gels

All this together costs $56.67 but I did three orders and spent less than $5 out of pocket. Plus, with the coupons I used I gained more than $10 in ECBs! Yippee for me!
I'll be heading back over to pick up some of the other freebies on the Sunday/Monday deal later.

When I got to my CVS about an hour after it opened this morning all the Listerine was gone but the citrus stuff, which didn't appear to be a part of the two day deal. I carried it up to the counter and asked if it was on the Listerine deal to find out that I was right and it wasn't. However, because the ad in the circular wasn't specific the manager who was standing there when I asked said that the citrus stuff should count and he manually entered the price and printed the ECBs for them. He was very sorry that a lady came in right as they opened this morning and took every last bottle of the deal Listerine they had - 20 something of them and he didn't feel right about that.
What a very nice CVS I have!

Remember that separating your orders and rolling your ECBs can keep any out of pocket expense way down. You'll walk out of CVS with a very small cash expense and a lot of money in Extra Care Bucks. Don't understand the ins and outs of CVS? Read my CVS 'how-to' here. As always, feel free to ask me any questions. I am more than happy to help!