Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And yet ANOTHER Walgreens deal... 1/4

South Beach Living bars are 2 for $5. When you buy $15 worth you can submit your reciept for a $5 rebate at Walgreens.com. This is super easy.

There are $2 off 1 coupons here. You can actually print more of these than usual for bricks coupons. I printed 6 from my computer before I gave up.

After buying six, using a $2 off 1 coupon for each, and the $5 rebate you will have a $2 overage!

This will not get you $2 back in cash - your rebate will get you your $$ back in the end. You'll actually need to spend $3 out of pocket and then submit your reciept at the Walgreens website or by mail. Read more on Easy Saver Rebates here.

Super great deal!

Tip: Make sure you are using the $2 off 1 coupon (the top one that printed in my case) that is specifically for High Protein Cereal Bars! The second one that prints out for the Meal Bars is not the same thing and will not work for this deal. Backspacing will allow you to print off 6 of these.

EDIT: It appears that these are not printing out the same for everybody and in some cases are not printing out at all. All you can do is try I guess. I am sorry that not everybody was able to participate in this cool deal.


cent_saving_mom said...

Thanks for the deal on the SB Bars...I love those things!

Cubby's Gal said...

My husband loves them so I always keep eye out for coupons on them because they are just too expensive to buy them retail - in my opinion anyway.

marysze said...

when I went last night 1/7 to buy the south beach bars at Walgreens, the coupon did not work. The cashier said that since the coupon says 6 bars and the boxes only had 5 that might be why. He even called the manager to see if she would still accept the coupons and the manager said no.

Apparently, another lady had also come in before me with the same coupons and they also beeped a refusal.

Cubby's Gal said...

The coupon for the 6ct bars isn't for the cereal bars. There are two coupons that print out and it is the first one (at least it was for me) for the high protein cereal bars that work for this deal. I did the deal with no beeps yesterday.
The other coupon is for the meal bars, snack bars, or snack pack delights, which aren't the same thing as the cereal bars.

Hope this helps!

Jessica said...

I could only print off 2, as usual. Oh well.

Lexieberry said...

Horray for free snack bars. I did this deal today, and it worked like a charm. I purchased 6 boxes (make sure they are the 5 pack high protien, not the other boxes that have 6 bars). I got the peanut butter and the cinnamon raisin varieties,used 6 of the printable $2 off coupons. Total oop: $3. Then I'll do the ESR to make it a money maker! Yeah...love these kid of deals =)

Treasure Hunter said...

When I choose to print coupons, it is only printing one coupon (the one with the meal bars and snack bar delights) instead of the breakfast bars. Am I doing something wrong?

The Bellands said...

Aha! I had the same experience as marysze. The two coupons that printed off for me were good towards a south beach diet pizza and the sout beach diet meal bards, snack bars, and snack pack delights...neither of which are good on the cereal bars. :(