Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Offer: Four $5 off Similac Formula Checks

I got 4 Similac check/coupons in the mail and will never use them. They are $5 off any infant formula from Similac. No size or specifics are given so I am guessing they are good on any type or size.
They have my name on them but I have given these away before with no problems. There is nothing on the check about not transferring them to another person - it only says not to sell them or trade them for cash.

I would like to give these to somebody who needs them - not somebody who is going to sell them on eBay. If you use Similac please let me know and I will mail these to you. You can either leave a comment or email me. I'll choose a recipient tomorrow if I get more than one request for them.


Allie Z said...

Hi there! I could definately use these. I have an 11 month old. When he goes off the formula, we'd donate any extra cans to a local shelter.

You can email me for my address :)

~Allie Z
freebieallie at gmail dot com