Friday, March 6, 2009

Freebies this week - 3/6/09

Here are a couple freebies for you this week.

  • MarketSplash is offering 100 free business cards with free shipping here. There are a great many uses for business cards other than business. You can keep them in your wallet to pass on your contact information to new friends, you can pass on your blog or website information to family, keep friends updated with your new address and telephone number when you move, etc...
  • Get a free potted desk plant from NatureSolv by requesting one here.
  • Get a free waffle cone just by wearing your pajamas to Brusters this weekend. Locations can be found here.
    ***For my local peeps - we have a location on Creighton Road in Pensacola.
  • Get a free Arby's Roastburger by signing up for Arby's Extras here. They will email you your coupon if I remember correctly so use an address your sure to check.

If you have run across any freebies I missed please let me know!