Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fun Honey Kix giveaway!

Here's a super awesome giveaway! I gave two of these away this week on my other blog and thought I would give one away here, too!

General Mills has announced a great new twist on Their Kix cereal!


I have to be honest with you. I have never been a fan of Kix cereal. Yeah, I know it wholesome goodness is something I should praise it for but it has definitely lacked in the taste category in my opinion. When I was contacted to taste this new cereal and host a giveaway on my blog I was skeptical to say the least about how much I would enjoy the taste.

I received the host's package in record time and I was excited to open it up and take a look at the goodies inside. The honey pot is simply adorable, and the on-the-go bowl will come in very handy.
The Kix box was brightly colored and eye catching with a honey drizzler in the top corner. The 'Kid Tested, Mother Approved' label still runs across the middle. Although it looks incredibly similar to the original Kix box it is different enough to keep me from getting confused in the cereal isle.

We decided to open the Kix right away and have a dry sample. I heard a lot of "me, too?s" behind me as each of my children waited to have their taste.
I am happy to admit that I was wrong! Honey Kix are surprisingly delicious! Not only did I enjoy them, my kids have taken a liking to them, as well.
I didn't just think they were okay, I have found myself going back to the box for little snacks throughout the day. At least they aren't horribly bad for you like most of my snacks (think chocolate and caramel).
Kix doesn't have that stuff in them but are pleasantly and perfectly sweetened. Yes, these Kix do contain sugar, 6 grams worth, but I find it to be a much healthier alternative to the common sweetened breakfast cereal buffet.

General Mills has generously donated some fun prize packages for 1 lucky winner. This is no doubt one of the most adorable gift sets I have had to give away. Like I said before, the honey pot is super cute!

Each prize package includes:
  • A coupon for a free box of Honey Kix cereal
  • A honey jar with drizzler
  • A set of colorful cereal bowls
  • a container to take your cereal and milk on-the-go
  • A great container to keep cereal fresh at home.

Now, for the rules...
US residents are welcome to enter per the rules below. Pay special attention to the closing date! You can enter twice by following the directions here by 3/10/2009: If I 'know' you please don't hesitate to enter! Winners are chosen at random via a number generator.

  • Entry #1: If you run across this blog and you want to win one of these super cute Honey Kix gift packs leave a comment and tell me about your favorite childhood breakfast memory.
  • Entry #2: Link to this entry from your blog where you wrote about this giveaway and then leave a second comment with the link where you passed on this giveaway info. This entry should be SEPARATE from your first entry.
1 winner will be chosen on 3/11/2009. We will announce it on this blog as well as TRY to email the winner. I say 'try' because I often get email notices returned to me as undeliverable, I get no reply, or the winner doesn't give a method of contact. Please make sure you check back to see if you are the winner! I won't hang onto your winnings forever. After a week or so I will choose a new winner or relist the giveaway. WINNER: Please allow about 3 weeks for your gift to arrive once you forward your shipping information to me.
Seriously, people, if you don't want to leave me a method of contact please remember to check back to see if you are a winner. We are easy to contact. Also, if you do leave a method of contact you need to check your spam folder. Many people have missed out on winnings because the winner's email went to their spam folder to be spotted after an alternate winner was chosen.

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Kacy said...

This looks yummy & I have to say, the honey pot totally caught my attention because my daughter's birthday party this month will be a bee theme!
As for breakfast memories, gosh. Not much to share. I guess one fun memory was everytime we had a sleepover at my friend Danielle's house, her mom ALWAYS made chocolate chip pancakes in the morning. YUM-O!

Angela said...

My favorite breakfast memory is when my mom would make oatmeal. She would always make toast with it and put WAY too much butter on the toast. I relish the memory because I sparingly use butter now and I remember the good old days of too much butter. :)

Jenny said...

My favourite breakfast memory is of my dad using our ancient griddle to make pancakes in whatever shape my brother or I asked for...our initials, dinosaurs, you name it.

Ryan and Katey Magill said...

My favorite childhood breakfast memory is of making breakfast for my mom!

kmagill 1212 at gmail dot com

cari_and_kevin_king said...

My dad used to get up early and fix us brown sugar poptarts....we would dip them in milk as we watched cartoons.

charlies_secret_angel2006 at yahoo dot com

SH said...

I used to get fresh made brownies from a bakery for breakfast. YUMMY

Jill said...

My favorite breakfast memory is sitting at the table eating my cereal and reading the cereal box, as well as "digging" for the prize! LOL.

Buki Family said...

my fav memory is when we were small, sitting at the dining room table looking into the kitchen as dad made us pancakes. he would always try to make them into different shapes/animals/letters, etc. so much fun!

sabeckstrom at yahoo dot com

cdziuba said...

My favoritedhood brekafast memory is when my dad would make pancakes and sausage for us.....every Sunday before church. He makes the BEST panackes in the world.

Dawn said...

I love that honey pot!...I love sunday morning family breakfast..when I was little and now that im older..they are the best!

christin said...

my favorite breakfast memory is getting up early saturday mornings with my 3 sisters and eating a bowl of cereal while watching wholesome saturday morning cartoons:) thanks!

Renee Evenson said...

When my youngest son went off to college, he called home to tell me how "deprived" he was as a child because he had never eaten sugar sweetened cereals at home. It seems at college they offer a LOT of sugar sweetened cereals for the students to choose from. We chuckle about it now because now that he is older he is again choosing healthy cereals to eat.

LadyBug-Kellie said...

My favrotie memories had to be when my mom made omlettes for us! They were so good & still are! Ham, cheese, green peppers. She always flipped them perfectly too, way better than I can!

ladeebug224 at hotmail dot com

Teresa said...

My favorite childhood breakfast memory is Sunday morning waffles. My father would get up early every Sunday and fix waffles before we all got ready for church. This was the only time my father ever cooked anything. TRigell at aol dot com

Sue D said...

Just found your blog from Money Saving Mom. I like regular Kix so would love to try this since I am a honey lover. My favorite childhood breakfast memory is being at my grandma's who lived on a farm. She made big breakfasts with so much to choose from--bacon, eggs, homemade bread and jams, oatmeal etc.
slrdowney at hotmail dot com

Anne said...

Okay, first I have to say I found you by doing a search for how to use Register Rewards. This was extremely helpful, thank you.

I actually have many great memories of breakfast. I guess I will choose one. My mom used to make farina when it was cold. She would spread it out on a plate and shake cinnamon sugar over it. My brother and I would then use our spoons to go along the edge as it was very hot.

Blakesmom said...

My favorite memory is when we would stay at my grandmas she would make all kinds of cute pancakes for us. I was always wanting a purse to be made! Thanks.