Sunday, March 22, 2009


The problem is fixed and it wasn't the template designers fault at all like I originally suggested. If I had thought about it at all I would have know that the reason the bandwidth was messed up was because his templates are awesome and a lot of people are wanting them. Thanks to the guy at BloggerTricks for thinking ahead, making it a super easy fix.

Original Post

Apparently, my new blogger template, which was supposed to be free, turns out it is not all that free after all! After spending many hours tweaking it to this basic template to make it 'mine' I am going to have to start all over (it's not all that bad, I really like playing with blog designs). I don't use Photobucket but the template designer apparently does and has exceeded his/her bandwidth.

The posts are still readable, as far as I can tell, so please don't run away! I'll have it back up and looking normal, even if it is just a basic template, in no time. However, today being Sunday, we will be visiting God's house most of the day so template fun is going to have to wait.

Thank you for your understanding - I appreciate it!

It's a good thing I like playing with blog templates or I'd really be angry!