Friday, March 27, 2009

Walgreens Deals - 3/29/09 through 4/4/09

Walgreens is doing away with the Easy Saver Rebates program after April. This has been confirmed. Nobody can say what the new system will look like but I have heard it may be a 'points' type program. From what I have read, and this is only a rumor, each purchase you make at Walgreens from May on will earn you points towards freebies or money back. It doesn't sound too promising but, hey, it's only a rumor. Plus, I'm willing to give Walgreens the chance to wow and amaze me. If not, then at least I still have my beloved CVS close by.

Anyway, here are this coming week's deals. March 29th through April 4th.

  • Reynolds Foil is $.89
    $1 off 1 in the 2/8 Smartsource (check the specifics - Some regions have a size exclusion on this coupon)
    $.11 overage
  • Dawn dish/hand liquid soap is $.99 with in-ad coupon
    $.50 off 1 in the P&G home mailer (request yours here)
    $.49 each
  • Soy Joy Bars are 2 for $1
    buy one get one free coupon in the 2/22 Smartsource
    $.25 each
  • Softsoap Body Wash is $3.99
    buy 1 get a catalina/register reward for another one free
    $1.50 each
  • Equal 100 ct package are 2 for $5
    $2.50 off 1 in the 1/4 Smartsource
  • Diet Pepsi 12pks are 4 for $12
    $3 Register Reward when you buy 4
    Buy 2 get 1 free here
    $1.50 each

So, there are the best of Walgreens deals for this week - not too much to write home about but I spotted a few nice freebies.
So sad that April is the last month for rebates; however, they were getting kinda lame anyway. Hopefully Walgreens will be coming out with a much better customer rewards program. I'm very excited to see what they have up their sleeves!


Sherri Walker-McCann "sha" said...

The reynolds foil coupon is not valid with this excludes the 20 and 25 sq ft sizes.

Cubby's Gal said...

Thanks Sherri.
If I have my information correct, and sometimes I don't, some regions did get an 'any' coupon that didn't specify size.
It's probably a good idea for me to make a note of that beside the deal, too.
Thanks for pointing that out!