Monday, March 9, 2009

Walgreens - The Diaper Deal 3/8/09 through 3/14/09

Walgreens - This Week's Diaper Deal (March 8, 2009). This is what we in the coupon/frugal world call "Stock Piling"
Buy $25 in Huggies diapers and wipes (select varieties) get a $10 Register Reward to use on a future Walgreens purchase.

I went yesterday morning and picked up 9 packs of Huggies diapers on sale for $10 per pack (select varieties and I did not clear the shelves). After coupons and Register Rewards my diapers cost me $13.89. That's just $1.55 a pack!
I used 8 $5 Gentle Care coupons and a 1 $3 Natural Care coupon. Gentle Care diapers are sizes 1 and 2. Natural Care diapers are sizes 3, 4, & 5.

Let me break this down for you newbies.

First order -
3 bags of Huggies Gentle Care - $30
3 Nestle Eggs (I'll explain why in a second) - $.50 each

I paid with 3 $5 Huggies coupons
and $3 in Register Rewards from last week. I had a total of 6 coupons so I bought the eggs to have 6 items on the counter. You can't use more coupons that number of products.

My total came to $15.55.

Second order -
3 bags of Huggies Gentle Care - $30
1 Axe Paste hair gel - $6.99

I paid with 3 $5 Huggies coupons and a $6 Register reward from last week.
My total came to $18.40.

Third order -
2 bags of Huggies Gentle Care - $30
1 bag of Huggies Natural Care - $10
4 bottles of Nestle Creamer (b1g1 free) $3.98

I paid with 2 $5 Huggies Gentle Care coupons and 1 $3 Natural Care coupon. I also had two $1.50 off 1 Nestle Creamer coupons.

My total came to $20.93.


I received back a total of $30 in Register Rewards that I can use next week on another stellar deal. I also will be getting a full $6.99 rebate on the Axe hair gel. So, when I subtract, the creamer, and the eggs from that from the $54.xx that I spent my total for all the diapers was 13.xx.

Super Great Deal!

Here are some tips for you so you don't make the same mistakes I made when I started out.

  • Do separate deals. It's not illegal. Plus, you can only get one one Register Reward per like order so if you try to buy 9 packs of diapers in one order you are only going to receive one $10 Register Reward. When you split them up into 3 orders you'll get 3 Register Rewards.
  • Don't try to roll your Register Reward from the first diaper deal onto the second diaper deal. It will work to help pay for the diapers but you won't get another Register Reward.
  • Pay attention to the checkout. My Walgreens has a bad habit of not ringing things up or coupons scanning but not actually taking anything off my total. Always pay attention.
  • Don't try to use more coupons that items in your order. Register Rewards do count as coupons so make sure you toss something really cheap or something you need on the counter to even out the numbers.
  • Pay attention to your Register Rewards expiration dates! Just like coupons, they do expire.

I may be going back later on this week for more Natural Care. I can't get as good a deal with those because the coupons are only $3 off 1. Still, $3.67 per pack of diapers is pretty good! I can't even get the cheapo ones at this size for less than $5 per pack!