Saturday, May 23, 2009

AWESOME Printables! 5/23/09

I was just doing some checking up on coupons and found a few great new ones out here!

$2 off 2 Maxwell House Coffee (which happens to be only $1.99 at Publix this week!)
$1 off 1 Colgate (which happens to be free at CVS this week after Extra Care Bucks and will be free after Register Rewards and coupon at Walgreens)

$1 off 2 BarS hotdogs
$1 off 1 Malto Meal cereal

If you haven't printed your Kraft coupons you might want to do that while you're there, too.

$1 off Mayo
$1 off Miracle Whip
$1 off Ritz
$1 off Triscuits
$1 off Wheat Thins
$1 off Cheese

and more - look for them here!