Thursday, May 7, 2009

Your Daily Savings Tip - 5/7/2009

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Today's Daily Savings Tip is:

Instead of eating out plan fun pizza making nights at home with your family. Tortillas work great for this! Creating personal pizzas on tortillas is a lot of fun for the little guys! Setting aside a little money for soda water and flavored syrup (like Toranis) can make a lot of fun for very little money! The syrup goes a long way and can be saved for the next family night. Add in a game or a favorite movie checked out from the library and you have a perfect, inexpensive and special evening!

How much does this save? Eating out costs no less than $60 for our large family. However, with smart shopping I can pick up the makings for a special, fun dinner for less than $10. That's a $50 savings!

Pretty good!
Remember that not all of our daily savings tips will work for every family. We don't even use every tip we give ourselves. However, these tips can be terrific money savers when you can make them work in your situation. Just give them a try, one at a time. Keep doing what works and discard the not-so-doable ideas. Also, keep in mind that what might seem like minimal savings and not worth the work does add up when added in with all the other little money saving ideas out there.