Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Deals For You Homeschooling Moms!

Here are some cheap homeschooling goodies!

This week at Office Depot Ticonderoga Dry Erase Marker 4-packs are $3.99 with a $3.99 mail-in rebate making them free in the end!
Pair this with Walgreens $0.50 Dry Erase Boards to make a great addition to your homeschool. Kids love dry erase boards. Plus, this would make an excellent gift set if you want to put it away until the holiday season.

If you homeschool you will definitely want to join Office Depot's My Star Teacher rewards club. You can get 10% off of all your purchases this week and they even have a teacher's breakfast scheduled at many Office Depot locations! Plus, they will send you a rewards card in the mail to use along with a few unspecified goodies within 4 to 6 weeks.

Office Depot is also offering other great schooling goodies such as:

  • 12-pack Crayola colored pencils for only $0.50 a pack (limit 5)
  • school glue for only $0.01 each (limit 5)
  • 1" poly binders for $.0.50 each (limit 5)
  • marble composition notebooks are $0.30 each (limit 5)
  • faux wood inlay 12" rulers $0.05 (limit 5)
Office Max
  • 24 count crayons $0.01 each (limit 3)
  • Sharpie Mini Hi-lighters are $0.05 each (limit 3)
  • 3 ring binder rulers are $0.01 each (limit 3)
  • ACME kid scissors for $0.25 each (limit 3)
  • Select erasers and grips are $0.25 each (limit 3)

Office Max also offers a perks card. To get your teacher's MaxPerks card (homeschooling moms DO qualify) go here and fill out the form.

I believe these deals are only good this week. Make sure you get yourself out to the store if you are in need of any of these excellent deals! If you notice any other totally awesome deals please leave a comment below telling about them!


Day by Day said...

Love the new blog. It has already been such a blessing. Thanks for the time you have put into this. :)

Cubby's Gal said...

Actually, it is more self motivation that has me blogging Frugal Heart. I always stay on track better after writing everything down. I am glad others can benefit, too. That is an added bonus!