Monday, July 28, 2008

CVSing - My First CVS Extra Care Bucks Job

I was so excited to find that we have a CVS less than 2 miles from our new home here in Florida. Where we lived before in Washington we didn't have a CVS anywhere close.
So, after reading up on deal buying at CVS I decided to try my hand at a little money making.
Here is my good CVS deal list for this week, 7/27/08 - 8/3/08

There is a Johnson & Johnson promotion where you buy $20 of their products, specific ones listed in this weeks circular which you can pick up at your local CVS, you can get $10 back in Extra Care Bucks. What is an ExtraCare Buck?
I decided to see what coupons I could find to make this deal work for us.

Listerine 1 liter - $4
Tylonal PM - $6
Benadryl Children's Liquid 4oz - $5
Neo To Go Neosporin spray - $5.50

This totalled $20.50 meaning I had met my $20 needed to get my $10 ECB back. However, I couldn't justify spending this much on stuff that I rarely use. We go through a lot of Listerine and in the fall we use Benadryl like crazy but the other stuff really had little use in our home.

So I went coupon hunting.
It ended up something like this:
$.50 off Listerine
$1 off any Tylonal product
$1 off Tylonal PM
$1 off any Tylonal product
$1 off Benadryl
$1 off Neosporin product

That brought my total down to $15. After my $10 ECB return I think I did pretty good for getting Listerine and Benadryl, the two items we use a lot of and I could justify stocking up on, which normally would cost me more than $10 together.

Then, since we were just about out of bandaids I utilized the Bandaid deal, buy the advertized bandaids at $2.99 and get $2 back in ECB. I had a $.50 coupon for this one so after my ECB return I got bandaids for only $.49.

I also picked up some Palmolive liquid dishsoap because we were completely out and they were buy 1 get 1 free at $1.39. I didn't get the coupon that was supposedly floating around from Sunday's paper but I needed this item so I picked it up anyway.

And lastly, I took advantage of the Revlon limited edition item at $9.99 with a $9.99 ECB return.

Total today we spent:
-$6 in coupons
-$21.99 in ECB
to make a total of $7.88. That includes tax!
I'd say my first CVS trip was a great success!

Tomorrow - Walgreens!