Friday, July 25, 2008

Using Cloth The Right Way

I firmly believe that cloth diapers are better in most ways. They are cheaper than disposables, especially if you choose to do the old fashioned prefold thing. If you go the coop route you can get 4 months worth of prefolds for the price of a couple packs of disposables.
They are quite arguably better for the environment, and you can get adorable covers that make your baby's tush SO cute.
However, for many women these diapers don't end up saving them much money.
Women like me.
Women who become addicted to cloth diapers and spend money 'secretly' to get more of them.
I called it 'building my stash' justifying that we would have more kids and couldn't really have too many cloth diapers.

After a little while I realized that I had issues and I scaled back, for a time. However, I run a cloth diaper coop and I would constantly find myself adding little bits here and there to my stash. Even though I had decided that continuing to buy them at that time was wrong I was still doing it!
But, when Sam, our youngest, turned about 6 months we discovered that cloth diapers were uncomfortable for him. This discovery was made after a month or so of trying to figure out why he was so cranky. We had to put him in disposables for a few weeks while our washer was waiting its turn to be repaired and he stopped fussing.

My cloth diaper buying days were over and I made a new discovery.
Just because a money saving idea seems like a good deal doesn't always mean it is. If you get caught up in it to the point where you are shelling out more money than necessary, becoming dishonest, even passively, and feeling the need to hide things, or just purchasing more of something because you want to and not because you need it you may want to re-think the 'good deal'.

This goes for many aspects of frugal living. Couponing can cause us to spend more, too. Just because we can get something for a good deal doesn't mean we should. Free is one thing but if I have to spend even $0.25 on something that I would never use, even if it normally costs $10, I won't do it.

It's a frugal heart thing.

By the way, I still run the Little Diaper Coop. If you use cloth responsibly you might want to join up!