Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Free After Rebate - Hannah Montana DVD Game

Circuit City has this Hannah Montana DVD game for 1/2 price. For $15 you can get the game here, then fill out and send in this $15 rebate form. If you purchase two (and I don't see anything on the rebate form saying you can only do this deal once) you will even get free shipping!
You have until 9/29/2008 to purchase this game but I don't know when the sale ends. Oh, and it is only good for online customers.

All for the cost of tax and a stamp. A lot of companies are letting you submit rebates online now. I don't know Circuit City's policy on this but if you choose to do this deal you may want to look into it.

This a perfect item for the gift stash!

*I cannot vouch for this game or the show it is based on. We don't have 'TV' but I do know that Hannah Montana is quite popular with the teen Christian girl crowd.

**It is your responsibility to read rebate forms carefully and follow the directions! However, I have learned from sending in rebates that most companies are quite forgiving of minor errors.

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