Monday, August 18, 2008

Gift stash and benevolence shelf

This week at Walgreen's they are having a great $.39 sale on a lot of different things. Many of these items are great stocking stuffers and some are nice for teens going off to college or moving out on their own.
Here is a few gift ideas.
  • Walgreen's has plastic pencil cases on sale 2 for $1. If you get them you can fill them with great cheap items like Penny's kids crayons, glue sticks, and colored pencils. Office Depot has Westcott 5″ Stainless Steel Scissors for $.25 each (limit 5) and Sharpie Fine-Point Permanent Markers 5-Packs are free after $4.49 Mail-in Rebate. Add in a cheap coloring tablet from the dollar store to make a really cool and inexpensive gift!
  • There are also stoneware bowls on sale for $.39 each at Walgreen's. This isn't an entire set of dishes, just the bowls, but a freshly on-their-own college kid will definitely appreciate them.
  • Walgreen's has 2 sheets Hallmark gift wrap are $.39 each as well as 24 sheets tissue paper.

I got to thinking a bit ago that even if I wouldn't use any of this stuff as a gift it is all very inexpensive and can be set aside for somebody in need. A set of bowls can go a long way for a family who has lost a lot in a hurricane, flood, fire, or other tragedy. School supplies can always be used at churches or for families who cannot afford what is on the 'must have' list. Small things go a long way for those enduring crisis.

So, along with my gift stash I am going to be adding a benevolence shelf link and I will try to find at least one thing to add to the benevolence shelf each week. We are getting a lot of stuff at amazing deals - we are a blessed family. I am excited to be able to share the love and I challenge you to do the same according to your ability.