Friday, August 8, 2008

My cereal deal!

I seriously don't like buying cereal because it is so extremely expensive. Now days $3 a box is a good deal and that kind of money just makes me cringe when I know it will be gone in one sitting. My 6 kids can eat almost an entire box for breakfast. If I didn't limit it they would probably eat more than a box for breakfast.
So, we decided that we would set a limit on cereal costs. If we can get it for $1.25 a box or less we are happy to buy it. $2 a box I consider good deal but I won't buy cereal unless it is an exceptional deal. Finding cereal at $1.25 or less has been no easy task until I started severe couponing these last month.
And today I found some exceptional deals.

K-Mart has quite a few General Mills cereals on sale for $1.88 a box. I paired that with numerous coupons I found for $.55 off one here for Cheerios and Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and the $.75 coupons off of Fruity or Yogurt Cheerios, and Cocoa Puffs Cheerios (you can print 2 for each of these four coupons on the website) and I can get 8 boxes for $1.23 a box. It would have been even cheaper but my K-Mart wouldn't let me stack my $1 Cheerios coupon from last Sunday's paper. Since my total for each box was still $1.23 I was happy anyway.

Walgreens is doing the 4 boxes of select Kellogg's cereal for $10 with a $5 register reward. I got my 4 boxes with no coupons because it was still $1.25 a box and I was happy with that.

Then I had two freebie coupons for Cocoa Puffs Combos which I used at Winn-Dixie because nobody else is carrying this cereal around here. (I'll be giving away some of these freebie coupons on my other blog on Monday!)

My total for 14 boxes of cereal was $14.84 making my average cost per box only $1.06!
With cereal prices being so high right now I am super satisfied with my breakfast deals!


Homemom3 said...

we can't find the cocoa puff combos anywhere out here and I've got the coupons too. :(

Cubby's Gal said...

They were definitely not easy to find here but it is a new cereal and should be popping up in all major grocery store chains very soon.
So hopefully you will have some in your area before too long.

Thanks for the comment!