Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My post-shopping deal totals this week of 8/24/08

I just got back from my August 24th, 2008 deal week 4-store trip today. Although, like always, there were a few things not in stock or not at the price I originally thought, I really was pleased with my deals for today!

  • 3 jars peanut butter
  • 2 nail polishes
  • 1 box of puffs tissues
  • 3 packs of gum
  • 3 All & Mighty travel detergents
  • 1 Airwick Freshmatic
  • 2 South Beach drink mix packs
  • 1 South Beach frozen pizza
  • 2 boxes of cereal
  • 4 packs of YO-plait yogurt
  • 2 Johnson's buddies kid soaps
  • 1 prep H wipes pack
  • 3 Visines
  • 3 Kotex pad packs
  • 1 Playtex sport
  • 2 Hand Sanitizers
  • 4 12-packs Pepsi cans
  • 5 Life Waters
  • 2 Zipp Fizz
  • 1 Gold Bond Healing Lotion

Are you dying to know my totals? Maybe you aren't but I am going to brag about it anyway!Four stores (click each link to see how I planned these deals) -

My total was $111.35
After sales and coupons I paid out of pocket:

  • Walgreens $3.46
  • Target $0.00
  • Walmart $11.88
  • CVS $.87

My total out of pocket was $16.21 (includes tax)
This brings my total savings this week to $95.14.

Also I got $21.47 back in Extra Care Bucks to use on another trip!

Even after some surprises like Target being out of all but one item I was had on my list and Walmart's pricing being a tad bit higher than I expected I still made out very well. I did even better at CVS than I thought even though the $1 cereal was not as varied as I would have liked.

We are adding the Playtex from CVS to our benevolence shelf .

"I love it when a plan comes together"
John "Hannibal" Smith