Monday, August 4, 2008

Today's Tip - Bread

We buy our bread at a discount bread shop the next town over about twice a month. These bread stores are fairly easy to find in most communities. We purchase the king thin Bunny brand for $1.08 a loaf. This might sound expensive compared to the $.80 or $.90 grocery store bread but let me tell you why it is actually a better, cheaper deal to get king thin bread from a bread store.

Our local bread store offers Bunny bread but you can get king thin in Sunbeam and Marita, too. Also, I have seen unmarked king thin loaves at bread stores.

Compared to the grocery store brand bread that you can buy for around $.80 Bunny bread at $1.08 does seem pricey. Consider this:
A king thin loaf is 1/2 longer than a regular loaf of bread meaning you pay $1.20 in grocery store brand bread to equal $1.08 in bread store king thin bread. Not only that but king thin is sliced thinner giving you more sandwiches for less.
I don't think I have to mention that Bunny, Sunbeam, and Marita bread is much more tasty.

The discount bread store also has great prices on other things. We got 8-packs of Lance Toast Chee cracker snack packs for $0.99 each. And their Bluebird cereal bars (identical in taste to Nutri-Grain cereal bars) for $0.99 a box. Not all their snacks are priced great so make sure you don't buy just because it is there. And pay attention to your receipt!

*Bonus* You can often find heavily discounted breads if you look. We found $0.50 packages of Chipotle Burger Buns up by the register. Since we have a large freezer we bought most of what was left.

Look for a discount bread store in your area. It is well worth the time to take a look and see what they have available.