Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Glucerna Money Maker

I bought a 6 pack of Glucerna shakes at the commissary a few days ago for $7.99. They can be found easily at drug stores and grocery stores for between $7 and $9 a 6 pack.
I used a $10 off 1 coupon and the $2.01 overage went toward the rest of my groceries.

How can you get your coupon?

Go here and sign up and use the promo code CATALINA. Answer all the questions, calculate your body mass, and when you put in your goal you must check that you want to loose weight (who doesn't, eh?).
After you finish the short survey you will want to return to your personalized home page and your $10 off 1 coupon should be accessible. You can print this coupon twice.

Now, we don't have Diabetes but these shakes aren't bad. We all tried them and, although the aftertaste isn't the best the shakes themselves are pretty yummy. They make a nice 'tide me over' type drink when I can't really stomach food but have to eat something to not get sick - ahh, the joys of pregnancy.

I would be likely to buy these again if I found them on a nice discount.