Monday, September 22, 2008

My Kmart Trip 9/22/08

Double Coupon week at Kmart has started off quite nicely! Today I got a bunch of high-priced items we regularly use for a steal.
Usually my totals are a bit more impressive but given that cat food, litter, hair color, cleaners, deodorants, and razors are not usually cheap, I did very well.

Here's the picture.

3 Bic Soleil 4-pack disposable razors
3 Tylenols (free after coupons)
3 Garnier Nutrisse Hair Colors
2 Sure Deodorants
3 Whiskas Cat Treats (free after coupons)
2 Resolve Carpet Cleaners
2 Bags Good Life Catfood
4 2000 Flushes
1 10lb cat litter bag
2 20lb cat litter bags
2 Trident Splash Gum packs

My total before coupons was $104.67
My total after coupons was...

$20.50 (this includes tax)

Many other items that I could have gotten for free with my coupons were out of stock. The cashier said they would restock tonight and to show up early tomorrow morning to partake in the goodies because they run out of stuff quite fast.
Also, reviewing my receipt showed me that two of my coupons didn't double. I don't know what two products they were for but two didn't go through. Not sure what was up there but I may ask them tomorrow if I can't figure it out myself.

It was a good day for coupon doubling. I am pleased.

Oh, and they overcharged me on the Garnier Hair Color by $1.99 a box on all 3 boxes. I went back in and they cheerfully refunded me the $5.97. I was sure they would have taken the sale signs down from the shelf before I got there, which they had. They told me it was an old sale that mistakenly got left up but they still refunded me because it was what was marked on the shelf when I made my purchase. I was pleasantly surprised - our Kmart has always irked me. Today, however, the employees were extremely friendly and helpful and very congratulatory about my coupon discounts!
In the end, after coupons the hair color only cost me $1 a box!

Three cheers for Kmart!

The double coupon promo is going on through this Saturday (9/27/08). Read more about this very cool sale here. I have some of the rules listed, too.