Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My teen is CVSing now, too!

Last week my daughter got her very own CVS card. We asked if this was okay and were told that it was perfectly acceptable for Kait(13) to have her own Extra Care card and do her own deals.
She is very excited.
We are starting off small and her coupon binder looks like this.

It is a 3 pronged $1 plastic binder with 7 or 8 ball card protectors, two page protectors and some paper for writing down her deal ideas. We also put some paperclips on the front pocket for keeping together coupons that are to be used on her next visit and her CVS fliers are in their page protectors along with her card. She also has a Walgreens circular - although she can't participate in the Walgreens Easy Rebate Program (one per household) she plans to take advantage of their Register Rewards. Kait can keep everything she needs in this folder at this stage of her couponing and deal getting. We will go bigger as she gets more involved.

She has saved up her own money to start her ECBs rolling. I would give her a little of mine but two cards can't share ECBs. Her deals will have to be her own, although I do buy her a paper every Sunday for coupons - she does a lot around here and that is the least I can do.
She did her first deal yesterday and it looked like this:
  • Febreze Noticables are $6.99. She had a coupon in her Sunday P&G insert for $5 off making it only $1.99. She likes her room to smell nice so this was a worthwhile spend for her.
  • Cover Girl Wetslicks are $5.99 each with a $5.99 ECB. The Sunday P&G insert had a buy 1 get 1 free coupon on all Cover Girl lip products making these free after coupon and ECBs.

She paid about $8 out of pocket
She received $5.99 back in ECBs which she plans to roll over on something else this week, rarely needing to spend more than $1 out of pocket.

Kait's deals won't be extreme as mine - after all, she doesn't need to worry about toothpaste and shampoo. But she will be able to stock up on things more appropriate for a teenage girl. Plus, she is learning early how to make the system work for her and it will be a nice skill to take into a marriage someday. She is also learning the value of a dollar and coupon organization at the same time.

She has already planned on putting together a blog where she will journal her couponing ventures for teens who want to do the same. I will post here when it is up and running -shouldn't be too long.


Kenj said...

Good for her!

Do you know if this can be done at Walgreen's? My mil can do the rebates but we share the same address so we haven't pursued it.

Cubby's Gal said...

No, actually. The Walgreens rebates are strickly one per household.
You could call Corperate and ask them but as it was told to me - absolutely not in any situation.

They don't have the same rule for Register Rewards - more than one person can do those.