Thursday, September 11, 2008

Walgreens Deals Galore

If you like Walgreens you should be just giddy with joy this week about all the awesome deals they are coming out with.
They are giving CVS a run for their money - Yes. They. Are.

While CVS has been my favorite store Walgreens is coming up fast and may soon overtake CVS as my favorite. While CVS has been working to make deal getting a little harder, Walgreens has been adding to the deal getting by leaps and bounds!

Here is another great Walgreens rundown this week. I will be making another trip this week to stock up on these goodies thanks to the info passed on from Crystal.
  • Walgreens has South Beach Living Bars on sale 2 for $5. If you buy $15 worth of these (they are a Kraft product) you get a $5 Easy Rebate. Buy 6 and use 6 $2 off 1 coupons here (you will have to use 3 computers to print 6 of these) to get these for $3. After the rebate you will make a $2 profit. Plus, these bars are good so even if you can only get 2 coupons to print you may be happy with 6 boxes for $6 after coupons and the rebate.
  • Colgate Freshmax toothbrushes are $2.99. There is a $2 off 1 Easy Saver Coupon and a $1 off 1 coupon from this month's All You magazine (found at Walmart). You can get this for free!
  • Don't forget about the Robitussin deal. Buy 3 DM (not max), CF, or Night Time Cough & Cold and get a $10 Register Reward. Use 3 $3 off 1 coupons (printables don't appear to be available anymore however I printed a bunch of the out not an hour ago) to get these for $2.97. After Register Rewards these are free with a $7.03 profit!
    NOTE- I did the Robitussin deal yesterday buying 1 DM and 2 Night Time and I used 3 coupons without any problem. My RR printed out without an issue.

So, yes, I will be headed back to Walgreens soon. And remember, although you can't roll Register Rewards from a particular order onto an identical order (you can't use the Robitussin RR to do the Robitussin deal again and get another RR) you can use the $10 RR to do a different RR deal - like the Crest Pro Health Mouthwash for a $4.99 RR provided you have at least a $10 order to cover the RR. Then you can take that $4.99 RR and use it for another Robitussin deal.

Hope that doesn't sound too confusing. ~;O)