Monday, September 1, 2008

Walgreens Deals - Week of 8/31/08

Walgreens has some pretty okay deals this week. I will rundown what I am going to pick up and then I will add a few other good deals that I won't be partaking in.
I have also done a lot of the free after rebate deals for this month already, too. I missed one and another was not available yet, but you can see the list of them here but remember that many of the coupons and such are not available anymore. Still, the free after rebate deals are terrific all by themselves.

My August 31, 2008 deal week list for Walgreens:

  • Werthers Original candies are 2 for $2.29. Use 2 of the $1 off 1 coupon found here to get these for about $.15 a bag.
  • Panteen Expressions shampoo and conditioner are on sale 2 for $9 with a $3 register rebate. Use 2 of the $2 off 1 coupons found in this past Sunday's Proctor and Gamble insert to get these for $1 each after coupons and register rewards. As a bonus use 2 of the ' buy Expressions hair care get a free Panteen styling product from the same P&G insert to make each item cost about $.50.
  • I wrote about this deal already once but I will review it quickly here. Buy 12 packs of Kool-Aid (most Walgreens carry these). Use 2 buy 3 Kraft get Wheat Thins free and 2 buy 3 Kraft get Crystal Light free coupons from the August All You magazine along with a $.70 off 100 calorie chewy granola bars pack from a July Sunday paper insert to get all these for free after a $5 easy rebate. Really, this deal is a bit complicated so you may want to look at my post where I laid it all out.
  • L'Oreal Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate - 1oz is $16.49 with a $16.49 easy rebate.
  • Excedrin Migrane 24 count is $1.99 with a $1 register reward. Use this $2 off 1 printable to get this free with overage after register rewards!

My totals should look something like this:
$26.29 oop (after coupons)
I'll get $25.49 back in register rewards and easy rebates.

After I get back from my trip I will break my totals down better.


Good deals that you may be interested in:

  • Triderma MD Advanced Skin Repair is $12.99 and has a $10 easy rebate making it $2.99 after rebate.
  • 4 11oz to 14oz bags of M&Ms are 4 for $10 with a $5 easy rebate. This makes each bag only $1.25 after rebate.

Walgreens Easy Rebates really are easy. Rebates don't get easier. Here is a quick rundown of how easy they are.

  1. Buy free after rebate items at Walgreens and keep your receipt. Your rebate info will not show up on your receipt but you need the receipt number off of it to submit your rebates.
  2. When you are done for the month go to and create an account. Then, go back to the home page and look for the Easy Saver catalog 'view current offers' link in the middle of the page and click on it. Then click on 'submit rebates' and log in.
  3. Follow the direction for submitting your rebates. Although you can add receipts any time you want you may only submit them as one batch. Be careful not to submit them until you have completed that months rebate shopping.
  4. Choose either the check or gift card option. I do the gift card option because they give me 10% back on every rebate - I make money on it. Then, after you receive your gift card in the mail you can choose to have all your rebates just added to that card month after month. This is much faster than waiting for your check in the mail.
  5. Be patient. Your card or check will take about 6 weeks to process and get to you. After that, if you chose the card option your rebates will be put directly onto your card after about 2 or 3 weeks. Each month you just use the rebate money on the card to do more free after rebate things. The money on your card with grow and you may not ever have to shell out money for rebate freebies again!

**Remember - rebates do expire month after month. Pay attention to your rebates expiration dates so you don't overlook and forget about them!