Monday, September 29, 2008

Walgreens this week - 9/28/08

This week's ad wasn't too impressive at first glance but upon further inspection yesterday afternoon I discovered a plethora of delightful deals beyond the new October free after rebates, which I did this past Saturday while I was double dipping -
  • Extreme Energy 6-hour shot 2-pack $3.99
  • L'Oreal Cleansers (select variety) up to $7.99
  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Mineral Enriched Foundation - $7.49

Then there were a number of other fabulous deals that got me excited about homemaking this week. Me??? Excited about cleaning and such???

I will have to do a few different orders to make this deal work. I try to only hit Walgreens on Wednesday late morning when it is at its slowest. However, this week we have some coupons expiring tomorrow so we may go today to get the best deals.
Here is my personal Walgreens shopping list this week.

Order 1

  • 3 Febreze Noticables $6.99 each. I will use three $5 off 1 coupons from Sunday's P&G insert.
  • 1 Febreze Air Effects $2.49. I will use my last $1 off 1 coupon from Sunday's P&G insert.

I will pay $7.46 out of pocket and get a $5 Register Reward for purchasing 4 participating products. I will use this RR to help pay for order #2.

Order 2

There are a number of items that are buy 3 get $8 back in Register Rewards. Here is the deal my daughter and I came up with.

  • 1 Herbal Essences Shampoo or Conditioner - $5.99. Use $2 off 1 coupon from a Sunday insert.
  • 2 boxes Natural Instincts or Nice & Easy Hair Color - $5.99 each. Use 2 $2 off 1 coupons from an old Sunday insert.

My total out of pocket will be $11.97. I will pay with the $5RR from order #1 and $6.97 cash (before tax) and I will get an $8 Register Reward back to help pay for order 3.

Order 3

  • Gillette Fusion Razors are $8.99 with a $4 register reward. Use the $4 off 1 coupon from this past Sunday's P&G insert to get this for $.99 after coupon and RR. If you want to do this deal twice make sure you do them in two separate orders and don't try to use the first register reward on the second order. You can't roll register rewards from deal onto an identical deal.
  • Oral B Cross Action toothbrushes are $4.49 with a $4.49 register reward. EDIT* I just found a $.75 off 1 coupon for this toothbrush in this past Sunday's P&G circular. Not sure how I missed it the first time around.
  • Children's Tylenol is $4.99 each. Buy 3 and get $5 in Register Rewards. Use the $1.50 off 1 coupon from the October Easy Saver Rebate catalog and then use the $1 off 1 coupons found here to get these for $.83 each after coupons and RRs.
  • Puffs Tissues are $.89 with the walgreens circular coupon. Use the $.25 off 1 coupon from Sunday's paper to get these for $.64.
  • Dr. Pepper 12 packs cans are 3 for $11 with a $4 Register Reward. This makes them $2.33 a pack. I will try to find coupons and post them here if I am successful. This isn't something I will buy unless I find really good coupons.
  • Dawn dish liquid is buy 1 at $1.99 get one free with in-ad coupon. I will use my $.50 off 1 coupon from my P&G home mailer and my $.25 off 1 coupon from the Sunday paper insert to get two of these for $.62 each.

My total out of pocket will be $17.33. I’ll pay for this with my $8RR from the first order and then $9.33 cash (before taxes). I’ll get a $4, a $4.49, and a $5 RR which I will roll over on order #4.

Order 4

  • 2 Febreze Air Effects at $2.49 each. I will use two $1 off 1 coupons from Sunday's P&G insert.
  • 1 Swiffer Wet Jet Kit at $17.99. I will use the $5 off 1 coupon from my P&G home mailer.
  • 1 Swiffer Duster Kit - $3.49. I will use the free duster when you buy the wet jet kit from the Sunday P&G insert.

My total out of pocket will be $15.97. I will pay for this using the $5, $4, and $4.49RRs from order 2 and $2.48 cash (before tax). I will get a $5 register reward for purchasing 4 participating products to save for next week’s Walgreens trip.

What a tremendous discount on the Swiffer Wet jet - not to mention the other items in there. My home is mostly laminate and tile so the Wet Jet will make my job so much easier! The duster is just an add on because it is free with my coupon and gives me my fourth item. I won't use the duster so I will stick it in my benevolence stash.

Yes, I will be spending a bit more this week out of pocket than usual - but most of it will be paid with rebate rewards and then the remaining amount will probably come off my Walgreens gift card on which I racked up over $120 in the last two months of Walgreens rebates!!!

So, my total Walgreens rundown so far (I am not quite finished putting my deals together yet) will cost me:
Total - $101.19
After coupons used and register reward rollovers my out of pocket will be - $26.24
And I will have a $5 RR left over for my next trip to Walgreens!