Friday, October 3, 2008

What is CVS doing???

So, it appears that the testing of the Friday to Thursday circulars was a bust and everything has been corrected back to its original Sunday through Saturday deal weeks. I was happy to hear this and was even happier to see my CVS circular back in my Sunday paper this past week.

However, I have since learned that many of these test areas are not being tested again. The monthly CVS Extra Care Books (different from the circulars) are not being distributed in many areas this month. This is coming as a huge disappointment to a great many CVSers. Some are so upset about it that they are swearing off CVS until they right this wrong.

Never fear, my fellow CVSers! It does appear, though this hasn't been confirmed in all areas, that the deals are still working at the test stores this month. Although we may not have access to the monthly Extra Care Catalogs at our stores it looks likely that we can still receive the ECBs for the deals. I am going to search around and find some deals to post and I will try to post some new ones each week as new sales go in effect.

A good one, although not free, is the Eucerin Deal. Buy $20 in Redness Relief products and get $12 in ECBs back. There are coupons for these here; a $7.50 off, a $4 off, and a $2 off. If you use Eucerin Redness Relief products this would be a perfect time to stock up - this stuff is usually extremely expensive. (limit 5)

Other month long deals:
  • CVS brand Vitamin D-400 110 ct. tablets are $2.99 with a $2.99 ECB. (limit 1)
  • Alavert is usually around $10 and this month will get you a $2 ECB. Use the $4 off 1 coupon found here to get these for $4. If you wait these may go on sale some time during October and you may be able to get them for close to free. (limit 3)
  • Colgate MaxFresh toothbrush or toothpaste with mouthwash beads 4.6-6 oz. are around $3 with a $2 ECB. There are usually coupons for these if you look around. (limit 2)
  • WellPatch Arthritis Relief pads 3 ct. are $5.99 with a $5.99 ECB making them free in the end. (limit 1)

As more coupons come out more good deals will arrive and I will post them for ya.