Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Change Is On The Way

When I started Frugal Heart a few months ago I honestly didn't expect anything to come of it. I didn't really have goal for this blog and sure didn't think anybody would want to read it. I just wanted to try it out and chronicle some of my new spending habits.

Because of this I really didn't put a whole lot of thought into what I wanted it to look like and in truth, it doesn't fit my personality at all. I am not a 'skip through a field holding hands' type of person - which is funny because most of my friends are. I guess opposites attract?
I'm a kinda subdued goofy and silly lady. I wear blue nail polish a lot, or purple, or green. I have my own 1980 CJ5 jeep that is very old and very loved and my very favorite possession is a sock monkey my husband bought for me. I leather up and ride with my husband on his Harley as much as possible when I am not pregnant. I intentionally do things to help me keep a childlike attitude and my husband and I are constantly playing practical jokes on each other.

I am not your typical housewife. Or, at least I don't feel like one. I want to design this blog around my personality (my other blog is designed around my kids).

I am saying this to explain to my regular readers that a change is coming. Some of you know that I have a photoshop hobby and it's typical for me to change the look of my other blog often. However, I am thinking of going a step further with Frugal Heart and changing the name, as well. If this occurs a redirect will be made so you can still find me through the Frugal Heart name.
I'll keep ya posted. Stick around.