Friday, November 14, 2008

Decorating On The Cheap - Just Have Kids

I have always loved the look of a nice, uncluttered, well decorated home. I have yet to achieve this but am working on it.
With 6 kids, another on the way, homeschooling, frugal spending, and a husband, decorating has gone by the wayside. I can't afford, nor do I want my home to look like a Pier 1 Imports ad. I would like, however, a few curtains and some frames that don't look like four pieces of wood hot glued together. But, those things cost money, too.

What is a woman to do?

I started decluttering months ago. It is working very well and has done a lot to help in my clean up efforts but hasn't really added that woman's touch feeling. I have searched the internet, browsed some family magazines and have found a few neat ideas everything still costs money.

Then Matthew(5) came to my rescue.

He brought me some sticks - leaving them on my computer chair. These sticks are just branches from a bush outside. They are covered with green leaves and are nothing flowery or special. As usual, I said 'Thank You' in the cheeriest, most thankful voice I could muster up. You see, I have been dealing with blades of grass, leaves, twigs, and branches for a few months now. My 3 year old is constantly bringing the outdoors in and setting the little specimens on my computer's keyboard. I always have some sort of dead vegetation hovering on the computer desk.
Their little hearts are just in love with the idea of giving.

Then came Matthew's gift.

When he brought in the leaf covered sticks and I told him 'thank you', he just stared at me.
"Aren't you going to put them in water so they don't die?"
His big blue eyes hold too much disappointment so off to search for a vase we went.

That was two weeks ago. My little branches are still filled with lush green leaves and it has given me a really good decorating idea. (the dead looking thing with them is a maple leaf gifted by Ben-3, who suggested I put it in the vase with the sticks so it wouldn't die)

I have kids - a lot of them by most people's standards. Why do I have a constant desire to make my house look like a model home when that is not the life I have chosen or even want? Yes, it is important for me to learn to declutter and keep some semblance of simplicity but that doesn't mean I need to spend anything on the decor. I have kids! They gift me with all kinds of drawings, pine needles and cones, and the occasional dead bug. What more could I ask for in creative decorating materials?

Over the next week or so I am going to diligently find uses for my childrens' gifts, minus the bugs, and try create unique and free decorations for my home - some Christmas and a few more neutral.
Some might turn out dumb but I won't let my concern about that deter me. I have been collecting ideas for a little while now and they really look cute in the magazines and such, though I will not be purchasing the pieces and parts required for that 'magazine' look - instead improvising. Okay, maybe I'll hit Goodwill for a few things.

I'll keep ya posted! This should be fun - if not extremely interesting.


The Lindell Family said...

I love, love, love this idea! It's so cool to go into houses where children's artwork and expressions of love are proudly on display!

I like to buy frames at Goodwill to display my son's artwork.