Friday, April 17, 2009

Coupon Policy - Publix

Here is the 'unofficial' coupon policy for Publix. A heartfelt thank you goes to nrpeace17 at Hot Coupon World for compiling this information for us! These are actual answers from the Publix Corporate office.

Q: Does Publix double coupons?
A: Only in select areas: Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee, but not in Florida. Doubling only applies to manufacturer's coupons, not store or competitor coupons. They double coupons valued at $0.50 and below. Publix does not limit the number of like coupons that you can double, although the individual store can place limits as they deem necessary. Publix will not double manufacturer coupons that state, "do not double."

Q: Does Publix take printable coupons?
A: Yes, Publix accepts "cents off" printable coupons. Publix does not accept printable coupons for a free item. That is, a coupon such as "Free box of XYZ cereal."

Q: Does Publix issue store coupons?
A: Publix issues a large number of store coupons. Every two weeks a new Advantage Buy flier is published. These fliers contain store coupons, manufacturer's coupons, and advertisements for month-long sales. Publix also publishes other coupon booklets throughout the year. You may use one Publix coupon and one manufacturer's coupon per item, unless either coupon explicitly prohibits it.

Q: Does Publix take competitor coupons?
A: Yes they do. Check with your store's customer service desk to find out their policy, ask who they consider to be competitors. Some store will only take coupons from other grocery stores while others (fewer) will also accept drug store coupons. Competitor's coupons are treated like store coupons. They will not double and can be used in conjunction with a manufacturer's coupon, but not in conjunction with a store coupon.

Q: Does Publix take expired coupons?
A: No.

Q: May I use two coupons for a BOGO sale?
A: Yes, if you buy two items during a buy one, get one free sale, you may use the same combination of store and manufacturer coupons that you could use when buying the two items when not on sale. In other words, you're still buying two products even though one is "free".

Q: May I use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale?
A: YMMV, this varies by store. Some stores will ring up items for half price during a BOGO sale; others will ring up the items as full price for the first item and $0 for the second item. If the items are normally $4 and your store rings each item as $2, your BOGO coupon will get you two items for $2. If your store rings the first item at full price and the second at $0, your BOGO coupon will get you two free items.

Q: Are there limits on the number of coupons I can use?
A: Publix does not have a specific policy limiting coupons. The register is programmed to require a manager's approval when the coupons total over $50. The register is also programmed to accept no more coupons (store and manafucturer together) than items. If you are using a store and a manufacturer coupon for every item in your cart, you will need manager intervention. As with any store, individual store managers may refuse to accept any coupons they deem suspicious.

Q: I forgot to use one of my coupons. Can I get an adjustment?
A: There is no official policy on this, but if you ask at the Customer Service desk, they are likely to make the adjustment.


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