Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Your Daily Savings Tip - 5/5/2009

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Today's Daily Savings Tip is:

Wash out your plastic storage bags after using them or go to washable containers with lids instead. Glass containers with tight fitting lids are great and you can get them in freezer safe, microwave and oven safe varieties. Imagine the ease of going straight from the fridge or freezer to the oven without any waste like foil or baggies!
Glass containers do cost a bit more than plastic but they definitely hold up through years and years of use if you can keep them out of your toddler's hands.

How much can you save by doing this for a year? This really depends on the size of your family and how many bags you go through. We freeze everything in freezer bags and use the smaller bags for prepared, frozen meats and veggies. Washing out our baggies probably saves us somewhere around $5 a month, maybe more. That's about $60 a year.

Remember that not all of our daily savings tips will work for every family. We don't even use every tip we give ourselves. However, these tips can be terrific money savers when you can make them work in your situation. Just give them a try, one at a time. Keep doing what works and discard the not-so-doable ideas. Also, keep in mind that what might seem like minimal savings and not worth the work does add up when added in with all the other little money saving ideas out there.