Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Your Daily Savings Tip - 5/6/2009

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Today's Daily Savings Tip is:

Eat less meat. Americans have way oversized meat portions. I’d even suggest try going meatless one night a week! We have found that garbonzo beans are delicious as well as rice to take the temporary replacement of meat. We wouldn’t do this every night but we do enjoy the challenge once a week. My husband greatly enjoys my meatless stew with its large chunks of potatoes.
How much can you save by doing this for a year? Since meat costs more than twice the amount of rice or beans, and we eat no meat 52 days out of the year, we do save quite a bit - 52 meals with meat cost us over $100 for just the meat alone. But when we use rice or beans instead that cost goes down to less than $50.

Pretty good savings!

Remember that not all of our daily savings tips will work for every family. We don't even use every tip we give ourselves. However, these tips can be terrific money savers when you can make them work in your situation. Just give them a try, one at a time. Keep doing what works and discard the not-so-doable ideas. Also, keep in mind that what might seem like minimal savings and not worth the work does add up when added in with all the other little money saving ideas out there.


Mommy Reg said...

I like to add rice or beans or potatoes to the meat portion of dinner to make meat stretch. I have added rice to shredded beef for tacos and made an entire meal out of half of what I normally would. It is a great idea to eliminate meat once a week.