Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Your Daily Savings Tip - 6/3/2009

Your Daily Savings Tip for today is brought to you by The Money Herder. If you have a quick savings tip, or a tip including a tutorial, we'd be happy to consider posting your tip on The Money Herder - giving you complete credit, of course. Please email me with any tip you would like me to include!

Today's Daily Savings Tip is:

Cook in batches. Make a full weeks meals in a few hours one day. You can do this bi weekly or monthly too. Read how we prepared a month’s worth of meals in 3 hours and then create a meal cooking schedule that will work for your family. You can do this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if you want . This can save a ton of money! Having dinner already prepared and ready to heat and eat can keep you from eating out last minute. It also gives your grocery shopping more of a purpose. There is less tossing whatever into the cart when you have a specific meal cooking day planned with a grocery list to follow.

Remember that not all of our daily savings tips will work for every family. We don't even use every tip we give ourselves. However, these tips can be terrific money savers when you can make them work in your situation. Just give them a try, one at a time. Keep doing what works and discard the not-so-doable ideas. Also, keep in mind that what might seem like minimal savings and not worth the work does add up when added in with all the other little money saving ideas out there.


Mommy Reg said...

I love cooking in batches. I love to make a giant pot of soup and freeze it in quart sized freezer bags for later. Then, I can pull out a bag or two for dinner and just heat it up. I also do this with spaghetti sauce. I also try to always cook up twice as much meat as we need to that I have it ready for another meal. It makes it so much easier on crazy days when dinner is the last thing I want to deal with.