Monday, August 11, 2008

CVS week of 8/10 - Some great deals!

My CVS deals for the week of August 10, 2008.
I usually go to CVS on Monday but I went yesterday for two reasons. One was just to pick up the free Alavert allergy pills for my daughter because she has been suffering at night. The second reason was to pick up some free gum using my $2 off 2 coupon that was expiring last night.
There is also another freebie this month, too. The first time you use your CVS Extra Care card during the month of August you get a free gift during your next visit. Some people were getting things like pain relievers or lotions. I got a CVS Chap Block. It was free therefor I love it.
Now, for the deals:
  • Alavert is $5.99 this week (normally $11.99) with a $3 ECB reward. Go here to get a $4 off coupon to profit $1.01 on this deal after coupons and ECBs!
  • Two CVS Beauty Books - one old issue and one new issue for $.99 each. (These have paid for themselves already as you will see below.)
  • Free chap block I mentioned above, normally $.99
  • Extra 8-packs for gum are on sale for $1 a multi-pack (usually $2.49) and I had a coupon expiring last night for $2 off 2 packs making them free.
  • Skin Effects has two items priced at $6.99 with a $5 ECB reward. Buy one of these and use a $2 off coupon from the CVS Beauty Book and you get it free after ECBs.
  • Roc is buy $30 get $10 in ECBs. Go here to get $5 off coupons. Buy 4 of their $7.99 products and use a $5 coupon on each to bring your total down to $11.96. If you have the $2 off coupon from an old Sunday paper you can get this for free after ECBs. I didn't so I ended up getting these for $1.96 after ECBs.

My total before coupons was $49.91
After coupons $19.92
I paid with a $17.08 in ECBs and oop $2.84
And I got $18 back in ECBs!

The numbers don't add up, I know. I meant to pick up 5 bottles of CVS sun screen which are on sale for $.19 each (usually $2.19). I had a coupon from the Beauty Book for $1 off CVS sun screen making all 5 of them free. I forgot to put them in the cart, however, but I had my stack of coupons together and just handed them to the gal. The CVS sun screen coupon went through even though I didn't buy any! I didn't realize the error until I got home and went to take a picture of my purchases. So, I am going to be heading back over to CVS today to pick up the sun screen and pay the $1 out of pocket (bringing my total to $3.79). I can't stand that I made that mistake. It doesn't feel right. After I get back I will take a pic and add it to this post along with the free Johnson's Buddies Soaps I will pick up.
***UPDATE*** I headed on over to pick up the buddies and sun screen. They didn't have everything in stock so I will have to go back again (4th time!) later this week to pick up the 3 other buddies and 4 other sunblocks. I ended up with 3 Buddies today and 1 sunblock. I paid $.40 out of pocket.
Here is that deal although I have only partially completed it:

  • Johnson's Buddies Soap is on sale for $1 at CVS this week. There are two coupons out for these; a $2 off 2 here and a $1 off 1 here. You should be able to print off 2 of each giving you 6 Buddies Soaps for free. Free makes me happy!

***Mistake alert***I want to let any fellow newbies know that you cannot use somebody else's email coupon! I didn't know this wasn't allowed - I am still new to this myself. Each email coupon has a specific bar code just for that particular card holder. My CVS peeps are SO completely sweet though and pushed the gum coupon through for me anyway but now I know this is a no-no.