Monday, August 11, 2008

Johnson's coupons galore!

Johnson's is offering quite a few printable coupons right now. Go here to get them (right hand column of the page) then take a look at page 15 of your August 10 CVS flyer to see if you have any deal makings. I can't see any super ones off hand but if you have any other coupons to stack with the printables I just mentioned you make come out with some free baby goodies.

**Here is a gift idea - not free but pretty good if you have a baby shower or something coming up or you know a mommy in need.

CVS has Johnson's First Touch Gift Sets on sale for $7.99. Johnson's has a $3 off coupon here making the set $4.99. Like I said, not free, but not horrible either and that is a pretty good value when you look at the retail prices of the stuff in the gift set.