Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Homeschool Materials - Tip Of The Day

Do you homeschool or do your children go to school but you enjoy supplementing at home? School books can be crazy expensive and if you are on a budget it can be very hard to shell out money for homeschooling materials each year - sometimes multiple times year.
For the frugal mom there are a number of homeschooling resources to help you get materials at a discount.
A new one I found is Paper Back Swap. I have written about this club I found before and you may have heard of Paper Back Swap as a great book trading club for fiction reading material but did you know that you can also find tons of schooling materials here as well?

Paper Back Swap is a free club that opened up a way for you to trade books with others all over the country! When you sign up and add 10 books to your giveaway book shelf you get 2 free book points. Each time you send a requested book to a fellow member you get another book point. The majority of books are 1 point each.
When you request a book from a fellow member you pay nothing. When they request a book from you, you pay shipping to them which is usually about $2. It is super easy to ship - Paper Back Swap has it all set up so you can pay online and just print out a shipping label. You have the option to address and mail it by hand if you prefer.

I was perusing the website when I ran across some teaching materials and I decided to do a more thorough search. I was amazed at the plethora of books and materials people were offering for free!

We have received many books from Paper Back Swap and have been very pleased with this club and how it works. I have nothing bad to say about it.