Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Publix Free Magazine With Coupons

If you have a Publix grocery store near you it is probably a good idea to go here and subscribe to their FamilyStyle magazine. This magazine is advertised to have coupons inside and it is free so there is no reason not to sign up! It will be delivered by mail 4 times a year.
While your there, if you have a baby in the house you may want to look into Publix's baby club. Baby clubs usually offer at least a few goodies for free.

Our Publix is having its grand opening today. I am excited about this because our Winn-Dixie just isn't cutting it for good grocery deals. Hopefully Publix will do a better job!
If your in Milton, Pace, or Pensacola Florida you may want to make the trip to the new Publix on HWY 90 in Pace today. Grand openings always offer up a ton of great deals.