Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Walmart's All You magazine

I have heard a lot of talk about the All You magazine that is filled with really great coupons. I didn't want to spend $2 to get coupons though so I always ignored it. However, missing a few freebies in the last few weeks because I never picked one up made me think I should at least look further into it and see what exactly it is that I am missing.

You can purchase the monthly editions of All You magazines at Walmart stores. Most of the employees have no idea what an All You magazine is so you will have to search it out. I believe they can be found pretty easily in the magazine rack.

I went to the All You website and saw that I could get two issues for free and I had the option to be billed later. This was good because I didn't want to punch in a credit card number for something I didn't know if I would want to keep getting. You do have to cancel if you don't want to keep getting it but I have a feeling I will end up paying for the subscription.

So, if you have been curious at all about the All You magazine everybody is talking about now is your chance to take a look at them with no obligation!